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My Shared Faith, based in Millbrook, Al supplies the ideal product for those in crisis. The company offers inspiring jewelry as a gift set with a special message of hope printed inside each package that reads:

"Today, I am sharing my faith with you and praying that this token will help remind you that you are never alone."

Our purpose is to inspire change by harnessing the power of human compassion. To reach our goal, each piece also features the perfect souvenir card to share with others. ​

A message from Our Founder:

As the daughter of a brain trauma and stroke survivor, I know first hand what it feels like to experience crisis, it is during those times you need your faith more than ever. As you might imagine the trauma unit can become a place where people can become like family members overnight, many tears were shed as some families went home with their loved one and some went home alone. The neurology unit at the University of Alabama Medical Hospital was the birthplace of the idea.  I had to find a way to reach the families who were facing a new normality. My Shared Faith presents a way to share hope when words are not enough.



Pamela Pinkard

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Our Commitment to Community:

At My Shared Faith our vision is to strengthen the faith of people through words of encouragement. Our card and gift sets have one impactful statement included in every package.

Today, I am sharing my faith with you and praying that this token will help remind you that you are never alone. 

Our Faith Statement 

Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

We believe we can strengthen the faith of our communities, person to person through the word of God. 






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Our Mission


To share the Christian faith with those in crisis when they need it most.

My Shared Faith   

5203 Main St. Millbrook, Al 36054 

Phone: 334-595-9472

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