Our Mission


To share the Christian Faith with those in crisis when they need it most.

Some call it the crisis card but... it's not just a card.  We have been helping people get through life's most difficult situations since 2010.


The Shared Faith Card and Pendant


Each gift card set includes 1 4x6 card and pendant set complete with a matching unique envelope enclosure perfect for sharing. The card text serves as the ministry behind the card and gift.  The My Shared Faith jewelry line was created to provide a simple way to share your faith with others.  Our pendant card sets are uniquely designed to be the perfect gift for those in crisis or any occasion, so go ahead; Share your FAITH!

Card Text

 " Today, I am sharing my Faith with you and praying that this token will help remind you that you are never alone".  



Our Faith  -  My Shared Faith  -  5203 Main St. Millbrook, Al 36054  Phone: 334-595-9472















































About us


Invest in a company you can believe in...


My Shared Faith was developed to harness the human need to share; we hope to do this in a way that will change lives for years to come. The goal of our company is to make a large impact on the human condition by helping people find easier ways to share their Faith person to person through our products.  When words are not enough, our cards are the perfect reminder that we are never alone.


A card developed for those going through crisis...or anytime.


We understand everyone goes through crisis at some point in life, will you help us share our message of hope?   We are fighting to make an impact world wide,  please join us. Go ahead, Share your Faith!

A Message from our Founder:

As the daughter of a head trauma patient I saw first hand the pain that family members endure. During prolonged stays in the hospital families can loose hope and our cards fill the gap when verbal words are not enough.  I encourage you to get involved on any level you can to share our products and services. God Bless!



Pamela Pinkard

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Our Commitment to Community:




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