My Shared Faith Cares...

Join us in taking simple acts of kindness to the next level.

As part of our community promise, we want organizations to partner with us in spreading love, inspiration, and Faith to members within our communities. We have all experienced times of crisis, times when we needed a friend, or times when we have searched for inspiring words to keep us going through the darkest days.

Our product serves as the perfect gift for those in need of a word of encouragement.

When businesses sign up as a member of our My Shared Faith Cares program, they will receive a Free Monthly Gift Set perfect for sharing with someone as a token of hope. In exchange Cares program partners help spread awareness through co-branded social campaigns.

The Cares program helps us liquidate product in a way that supports our Mission while providing a great introduction to local businesses. Our business partners are top priority and will also have the option to purchase other great pieces at wholesale prices. 

Giving back just feels good...

Start referring businesses today! The program is great for local gift shops, churches and Christian bookstores. 

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